Daftar Nominasi Baeksang Arts Awards Ke-57 Tahun 2021: Ada Peninsula & Vincenzo

Daftar Nominasi Baeksang Arts Awards Ke-57 Tahun 2021: Ada Peninsula & Vincenzo

Ajang penghargaan tahunan, Baeksang Arts Awards ke-57 tahun 2021 telah mengumumkan nominasinya untuk kategori televisi dan film pada hari ini, Senin (12/4/2021).

Acara ini akan digelar pada 13 Mei 2021 mendatang pukul 21.00 KST, atau 19.00 WIB di JTBC. Acara ini digelar tanpa penonton karena pandemi COVID-19.

Berikut ini adalah nominasi lengkap Baeksang Arts Awards 2021, seperti dikutip Soompi.

Best Drama

JTBC “Beyond Evil”

tvN “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

tvN “Flower of Evil”

tvN “My Unfamiliar Family”

Netflix “Extracurricular”


Best Variety Show

KakaoTV “March of the Ants”

MBC “How Do You Play?”

JTBC “Sing Again”

tvN “You Quiz on the Block”

SBS “Legendary Stage Archive K”


Best Educational Show

EBS “Architectural Exploration – House Season 3”

SBS “The Story of That Day In Which The Tail Bites The Tail” (literal title)

KBS “Archive Project – Modern Korea 2”

JTBC “Differential Class”

SBS “Battle of the Century: AI vs Human”


Best Actor

Kim Soo Hyun – tvN “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

Song Joong Ki –  tvN “Vincenzo”

Shin Ha Kyun – JTBC “Beyond Evil”

Uhm Ki Joon – SBS “The Penthouse”

Lee Joon Gi – tvN “Flower of Evil”


Best Actress

Kim So Yeon – SBS “The Penthouse”

Kim So Hyun – KBS 2TV “River Where the Moon Rises”

Seo Ye Ji – tvN “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

Shin Hye Sun – tvN “Mr. Queen”

Uhm Ji Won – tvN “Birthcare Center”


Best Supporting Actor

Kim Seon Ho – tvN “Start-Up”

Kim Ji Hoon – tvN “Flower of Evil”

Oh Jung Se – tvN “Its’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

Lee Hee Joon – tvN “Mouse”

Choi Dae Hoon – JTBC “Beyond Evil”


Best Supporting Actress

Park Ha Sun – tvN “Birthcare Center”

Shin Eun Kyung – SBS “The Penthouse”

Yeom Hye Ran – OCN “The Uncanny Counter”

Jang Young Nam – tvN “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

Cha Chung Hwa – tvN “Mr. Queen”


Best New Actor

Kim Young Dae – SBS “The Penthouse”

Na In Woo – KBS 2TV “River Where the Moon Rises”

Nam Yoon Su – Netflix “Extracurricular”

Song Kang – Netflix “Sweet Home”

Lee Do Hyun – JTBC “18 Again”


Best New Actress

Kim Hyun Soo – SBS “The Penthouse”

Park Gyu Young – Netflix “Sweet Home”

Park Ju Hyun – Netflix “Extracurricular”

Lee Joo Young – OCN “Times”

Choi Sung Eun – JTBC “Beyond Evil”


Best Male Entertainer

Moon Se Yoon – KBS 2TV “2 Days and 1 Night,” Comedy TV “Delicious Guys”

Shin Dong Yup – KBS 2TV “Immortal Song,” SBS “My Ugly Duckling”

Yoo Jae Suk – MBC “How Do You Play?,” tvN “Sixth Sense”

Lee Seung Gi – SBS “Master in the House,” Netflix “Busted Season 3”

Jo Se Ho – tvN “Yoo Quiz on the Block”


Best Female Entertainer

Kim Sook – MBC “Where Is My Home,” KBS joy “Love Naggers“

Song Eun Yi – JTBC “Nice Alone,” KBS 2TV “Problem Child in House”

Jang Do Yeon –  MBC “I Live Alone” (“Home Alone“), JTBC “Don’t Be the First One!”

Jaejae –  JTBC “Nice Alone,” TVING “Girls’ High School Mystery Class”

Hong Hyun Hee – MBC “The Manager,” Channel A “My Golden Kids”


Best Film

“Moving On”

“Deliver Us from Evil”

“Samjin Company English Class”

“Voice of Silence”

“The Book of Fish”


Best Actor

Byun Yo Han – “The Book of Fish”

Sol Kyung Gu – “The Book of Fish”

Yoo Ah In – “Voice of Silence”

Lee Jung Jae – “Deliver Us from Evil”

Jo Jin Woong – “Me and Me”


Best Actress

Go Ah Sung – “Samjin Company English Class”

Kim Hye Soo – “The Day I Died: Unclosed Case”

Moon So Ri – “Three Sisters”

Ye Soo Jung – “An Old Lady”

Jeon Jong Seo – “The Call”


Best Supporting Actor

Goo Gyo Hwan – “Peninsula”

Park Sung Min – “Deliver Us from Evil”

Shin Jung Geun – “Steel Rain 2: Summit”

Yoo Jae Myung – “Voice of Silence”

Heo Joon Ho – “Innocence”


Best Supporting Actress

Kim Sun Young – “Three Sisters”

Bae Jong Ok – “Innocence”

Lee Re – “Peninsula”

Esom – “Samjin Company English Class”

Lee Jung Eun – “The Day I Died: Unclosed Case”


Best New Actor

Kim Do Yoon – “Peninsula”

Ryu Soo Young – “Steel Rain 2: Summit”

Park Seung Joon – “Moving On”

Lee Bong Geun – “The Singer”

Hong Kyung – “Innocence”


Best New Actress

Park So Yi – “Deliver Us From Evil”

Shin Hye Sun – “Innocence”

Jang Yoon Joo – “Three Sisters”

f(x)’s Krystal – “More Than Family”

Choi Jung Woon – “Moving On”


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